Blood and Bone Excerpt…

Since I wrote up a guest blog post for a friend earlier today, I don’t really feel like writing another blog post.  Instead, I’m going to share the first chapter of the YA Vamp project I’ve mentioned a couple times.  I always swore I would never write vampires until I could come up with a unique twist–and this one qualifies.  I can’t share the unique twist without spoiling it but I did want to share this with readers who might be interested.  (I polished this up today but my active WIP is Fury Book 3, since that’s the one under actual deadline.  However I do want to get this one in proposal form, just in case!)


Blood and Bone, Chapter 1

“Wake up.  Come on, now.”

The blue-haired boy wakes with his face slumped onto his left shoulder and drool dribbling down his arm.  A kind-faced man seems relieved when the boy focuses unsteady eyes upon him.

“Son, you’re gonna have to get off the bus now.  St. Cloud’s the end of the road.”

“I-uh, St. Cloud?”  He shakes his head to try and clear it.  The last thing he remembers is…huh.  He remembers fading in and out of wakefulness over the past couple of days, the rhythmic motion of the bus soothing him back to sleep each time it pulled away from another no-name town.  The man standing over him–who now looks the slightest bit impatient–bullying him into brief bathroom and food breaks at stops along the way.  What he can’t remember, however, is where he actually got onto the bus.  Or where he’s headed now.  Or why.

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