Writing Again!

I’m writing again so decided maybe I’ll try to blog again, too. No promises but I’ll try! I have been updating Facebook and Twitter much more frequently lately. As far as writing goes, I’ve sent a YA suspense/thriller proposal to my lovely agent Ginger and I have a second YA thriller proposal most of the way finished. Now, I am turning my attention to self-pubbing a few urban fantasies because I still love UF so much!

Fury 4 is still in the works but it’s on the back burner for a bit because I want to focus on sequels to the series I can control the prices of. I really feel that it hurts a series to have the first book priced as the most expensive in the series. Yeah, having Book 1 priced at $8.99 when the other two are cheaper, I’m looking at you. At any rate, I’m working on the sequel to Reborn in Fire first. Tentatively titled Forged by Flame, I thought I’d share the opening:

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Monday: State of the (Publishing) Union…

Personal “State of the Union”:  My lovely agent (AKA “Rockstar”) has the first 50 pages and synopsis for the steampunk proposal I sent to her a couple of weeks ago.  Rockstar is back from a business trip to London so hopefully we’ll be able to get that submitted to publishers in the next few weeks.  I really, really, really want to be able to write the rest of this book so cross your fingers!

Fury 3, Black-Hearted Betrayal, is finally flowing exceptionally well.  I am behind where I wanted to be but making up for lost time very quickly.  It’s amazing how the pieces are coming together.  I’m always fascinated by how the writer subconscious mind juggles all these balls behind the scenes and manages to interweave them all by the end of the book.  Of course, you still have to smooth edges and segues in the revision stage(s), but still.  Pretty darned cool!

Industry “State of the Union”:  So, there’s another publishing kerfluffle floating around the interwebz (big shock, right?), which appears to be a “he said, she said” sort of dispute between a Big 6 Publisher (full disclosure: I think it’s MY Big 6 Publisher) and a post-contract but pre-published-with-that-publisher author.  While I don’t feel comfortable opining on who is “right” or “wrong” here vis-a-vis the contract–because we the general masses aren’t privy to the exact details of the specific contract–I do feel qualified to make a few general observations. Continue reading