Hump Day Snippet – Black-Hearted Betrayal…

In the interests of more regular blogging, I am going to attempt to keep up a semi-regular schedule of blogging and am planning to bring various kinds of content throughout the week. So, without further ado, I bring you the Hump Day Snippet!  I’m planning for this to be either a short snippet from a work in progress, an original short story, or something I whip up special for the blog as a gift to readers.  Today we have an excerpt from Shades of Fury 3, Black-Hearted Betrayal.

SPOILER WARNING:  I recommend not reading this if you haven’t read the first two books, or if you do NOT want to know anything about Shades of Fury #3 in advance.

Note:  Adesina is the current placeholder name for a Megaera Fury newly-introduced in Black-Hearted Betrayal.


They nodded in approval, something that had a flush of pride touching my cheeks.  When neither interjected, I took that as encouragement to continue.  “I would personally recommend that one group head to the Palladium to check in with the Alecto, as instructed.  Having all three classes involved can only be to our advantage.  Once that’s done, I suggest going after Anubis’s weakest link.”

Adesina tilted her head, curiosity brightening her eyes.  “Which would be?”

Mom caught on to my intention.  “Which would be my mother.  Either it’s an imposter posing as her or actually my mother being magically manipulated.  In whichever case, she will be much easier to break and interrogate for information.  If she’s an imposter, we can threaten her with immediate execution for falsely impersonating a sister with the intention of stealing a Conclave seat.  If she’s actually my mother, we stand a good chance of breaking whatever magical spell holds her in thrall and gaining her active cooperation.”

“What if we can’t?”

Mom faced Adesina squarely, fingers clenched but face composed.  “Can’t break the spell?”

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Snippet of Opening from Black-Hearted Betrayal…

Okay, so I didn’t completely vanish off the face of the blogosphere again – we just went on vacation to visit my in-laws in Maine for a couple weeks, something I failed to mention ahead of time.  I’ve also been sick a lot lately, so I’m still recovering from that plus vacation.  I DO promise to get back to something resembling regular blogging soon.  In the meantime, as I prepare to push through to the end of Black-Hearted Betrayal, Shades of Fury 3, over the next few weeks, I wanted to go ahead and share a snippet of the opening for those interested.

Next week will be about choosing those contest winners not yet chosen, getting books out to contest winners, making a lot of progress on BHB, and working while son is at home since he doesn’t start kindergarten (and HOW is my baby starting THAT already?!?) until the 17th.  For now, the snippet!  (Keep in mind it’s in unedited draft form and may not be the final opening, blah, blah, blah.  😉 )


With as many people as had tried to kill me over the years, you’d think I would get used to it.  Then again, the fact I hadn’t completely gotten used to it was the reason nobody had yet managed to do me in.  Not permanently anyway.  Temporary death—there’d been a few of those; nothing I’d like to repeat any time soon—especially considering how much I’d pissed off the jackal-faced god that last time…Of course, to be fair to myself, most death threats came because I was two times a cop.  One:  Chief Magical Investigator for the Boston Police Department.  Two:  Member of the Sisterhood of Furies; a once-mortal demigoddess serving as the arcane world’s version of law enforcement.

Two times a cop.  Two times the psychos out for my blood.

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