Kasey Mackenzie is the author of the Shades of Fury urban fantasy series from Ace Books.  Red Hot Fury debuted last year and Green-Eyed Envy released on June 28, 2011.  Kasey lives with her husband and son in St. Louis, Missouri; home of the Gateway Arch, the baseball Cardinals, and the world’s greatest thin-crust pizza.  Kasey was one of those students who always had her nose in a book—so no big surprise when she was voted “Teacher’s Pet” in her high school yearbook.  Today, she is a voracious reader of fantasy, romance, suspense, and “soft” science fiction.

Kasey is open about her struggles with anxiety disorder, OCD, and being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, issues she may occasionally discuss in her blog.  She is a staunch victim rights advocate and crime news/forensics buff–mostly because she loves watching the “bad guys” get caught and seeing them brought to justice.


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