Writing Again!

I’m writing again so decided maybe I’ll try to blog again, too. No promises but I’ll try! I have been updating Facebook and Twitter much more frequently lately. As far as writing goes, I’ve sent a YA suspense/thriller proposal to my lovely agent Ginger and I have a second YA thriller proposal most of the way finished. Now, I am turning my attention to self-pubbing a few urban fantasies because I still love UF so much!

Fury 4 is still in the works but it’s on the back burner for a bit because I want to focus on sequels to the series I can control the prices of. I really feel that it hurts a series to have the first book priced as the most expensive in the series. Yeah, having Book 1 priced at $8.99 when the other two are cheaper, I’m looking at you. At any rate, I’m working on the sequel to Reborn in Fire first. Tentatively titled Forged by Flame, I thought I’d share the opening:

They say the third time’s a charm but I hoped that didn’t prove true the next time my father killed me. The first time was the worst because I hadn’t yet come into my power and had no clue what was going on when the psycho set me ablaze. The second time he killed me was both better and worse. Better because I’d started to come into my own as a fire-wielding Elemental known as a Phoenix. Worse because I walked right into his trap despite suspecting it would be there.

The icing on the crappy cake was the fact that the man responsible for so many of the worst moments of my old life got away.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

I shook off the depressing images sweeping me down memory lane and focused my attention on the man responsible for the best moments of my new life. Jacob Zi epitomized the old stereotype of tall, dark, and handsome; and man, did he make my heart go pitter-pat. Half his heritage was Chinese, half was Irish, and that lineage practically oozed from his every pore. Shaggy black hair, almond-shaped jade green eyes, bronzed skin that covered every inch of his 6’2″ frame. And yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to witness that firsthand. Jake smiled down at me when I rolled over onto my back to blink up at him. Brilliant August sunlight made it hard for my eyes to adjust until I shifted just enough for his body to block the glare. Today’s t-shirt was electric blue covered with a faded Star Wars logo, paired with dark blue jeans that hugged his legs perfectly and black combat boots.

Ignoring his physical attributes didn’t make his appeal fade, either. He could speak several languages (including Chinese and Irish Gaelic) fluently; he was like a quadruple black belt in multiple martial arts; he was self-taught in several musical instruments; and he loved pizza, Cardinals baseball, and movies. Yeah, he had flaws to go along with those qualities but damned if that didn’t make me love him even more.

Even after two months as bondmates I still had to pinch myself sometimes.

“A measly penny? I think they’re worth a little more.”

He crouched down and planted a firm kiss on my lips. Sparks flew, some of them literal thanks to the bond that was still settling between us, and the next few minutes passed in a sensual blur of touch, taste, and the scents of cinnamon and earth that always accompanied the man I loved.

When he finally came up for air he gave me a crooked little grin. “Better?”

My voice was decidedly shaky when I replied, “Mm hm. Too much though. You chased all those thoughts right out of my head.”

Jake laughed and settled beside me on the grass, pulling my head into his lap as we both turned our gazes to the river burbling past. We’d spent most of the past months since my father last killed me here on his family’s humongous farm and surrounding forest as the Phoenixes in his clan trained me in the fine art of fire magic. Once they deemed me as up to speed as they could get me, we hoped our bond would be solidified enough to also start experimenting with the unique edge to my magical abilities; something else I could thank Daddy dearest for the next time I saw him.

And there would be a next time.


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