New Stormstruck Snippet…

The fantasy proposal I’m working on for my awesome-sauce agent, Ginger, is going so well — I’m sharing a snippet.


Bootsteps pounded as a number of guardsmen managed to flank them and get ahead; half of them footmen jogging behind outstretched shields and the other half archers with longbows at the ready.  They were too smart to try and turn their Queen when she obviously had her mind made up, but they were equally determined to keep her as safe as it was in their power to manage.  Out of mutual respect, she didn’t order them to fall back so she could be the first person to the end of the dock.  Instead, she calmly slowed her steps and stopped a dozen paces behind where they had taken up position.  She assumed one of the regal poses her Queenly mother had once taught her, took a bracing breath, and then glanced out toward the waiting ships.

“Oh Goddesses!”  Kaitiana couldn’t hold back the soft exhalation as she realized it was a hundred times worse than she could have ever dreamed.

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