New Year, New Me!

I haven’t been posting lately, but that’s not because I fell off the wagon or anything. I’m mostly trying to decide if tumblr suits me or if I should try a more conventional blog like I’ve done in the past.  In health and fitness news, I am kicking booty and taking names.  I’ve been doing well with Weight Watchers and, most importantly, working out consistently.  I’ve been walking like crazy and have started walk/jogging as I am physically able.  I am also working in other activities occasionally, like my recumbent bike and upper body exercises with small weights.

This really feels like it will be the year I finally achieve my fitness goals.  I am at the point where I crave physical activity every day, which makes me feel awesome for several reasons.  I am building muscle, my clothes are feeling better, and I had an amazing non-scale victory recently:  I’m FINALLY able to wear my gorgeous sapphire-and-diamond platinum wedding ring that I hadn’t worn since the end of my pregnancy with my son, who just turned 7.  When I was able to get that ring on a couple of weeks ago, I felt so proud and ecstatic.  I’m also now able to wear the emerald ring that my husband gave me as a wedding gift, which also feels amazing.  It’s the little things like these accomplishments that we need to hold onto, and remind ourselves that the most important part of this journey is to be fit and active.

Of course I want to be smaller (not tiny, but smaller) so that I can wear cute clothes and finally be able to fit boots on over my oversized calves.  But the most important goal I have is to be fit, active, and healthy for my son, my husband, and myself.  Not to mention the baby that I hope to have in the next year or two.  Next time, I want to have a healthy pregnancy where I feel proud and allow pictures to actually be taken of such a beautiful, happy time.

So here is to this New Year being the time of a new, fit, and active me!  =)



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