Cover Concepts for Self-Pub Project…

Yeah, I’ve been stinking at getting back in the blogging habit, but I’m working on it!  I am in major hectic hitting deadline mode with Black-Hearted Betrayal.  To reward myself for writing 1.5k more than my daily goal today, I allowed myself to spend this evening doing something I’d been wanting to do:  mocking up cover concepts for the project I’m planning to self-e-publish once I turn in BHB, and providing my publisher isn’t interested.

This was an earlier project of mine that I’m re-working to be less dark; a paranormal romance featuring an out-of-control psychic named Storm who moonlights for the St. Louis Police Department as a Psychic Investigator and the sexy fallen angel who turns up on her doorstep to finish training her chaotic abilities.  Damien may be her last chance to avoid being wiped out of existence by the Heavenly Host, but she is also his last hope for redemption.

So here are the cover concepts I worked up tonight.  Keep in mind that I’m very much an amateur with NO amazing art or graphics skills.  Still, I rather like these.  Eventually I plan to hire a professional to do covers for me, but starting out it will be just my husband (a computer/graphics guy) and me!

Cover 1

Cover 2.

I like elements of each concept, but I think I prefer the models in the second one. Obviously, when it comes time to make the real cover, everything will look more professional.  But I think I did a pretty great job for a rank amateur just doing cover mock-ups!  =)

Again I will re-iterate:  These ARE NOT THE ACTUAL COVERS!  Just concepts.  =)


4 responses to “Cover Concepts for Self-Pub Project…

  1. I like the second one best as well. I can’t wait to read it! (While I would love to have a new ebook to read soon, I hope your publisher is interested in it. I can wait–if I have to 🙂

  2. I like #2.

    I remember this! I critted it for you back in 2005 (my how time flies!). I’m crimson_angel over at FM. Hopefully that rings a bell or two.;) I loved it then and would definitely love to read it again.