DIY Steampunk Hat…

I’m in the process of preparing for Archon later this month, which I’m attending as an invited guest, and–of course–Halloweeen by adding a few steampunk elements to an existing costume. This is still a work in progress, but I am trying to craft my own petite chapeau steampunke! Okay, my own little Victorian-esque steampunk-type hat.  I’m mildly craft at times, though not without much swearing and wanting to kill the hot glue gun.  At any rate, here is the initial result on Take Number One, which should look nice with the skirts and corset I bought at Dragon*Con last year:

Yes, it’s a really small hat.  😛

But it’s cute!  At least, I think so.

It will look a lot better when I actually do something with my hair.  Haha!

(Sorry for the crappy lighting/web cam quality pics.)

ETA:  My first attempt at affixing hair barrette thingies to the underside of the hat for fastening purposes failed, so I just tried a second method.  Hopefully this one will stick! (With hot glue, ha!)


2 responses to “DIY Steampunk Hat…

  1. Heya Kaysey, first time I’ve come across your blog, though I’ve seen you many times on AW.

    Just googled ‘steampunk hats’ for a blog post I’m working on ( and this popped up. Nice work!