Hump Day Snippet – Black-Hearted Betrayal…

In the interests of more regular blogging, I am going to attempt to keep up a semi-regular schedule of blogging and am planning to bring various kinds of content throughout the week. So, without further ado, I bring you the Hump Day Snippet!  I’m planning for this to be either a short snippet from a work in progress, an original short story, or something I whip up special for the blog as a gift to readers.  Today we have an excerpt from Shades of Fury 3, Black-Hearted Betrayal.

SPOILER WARNING:  I recommend not reading this if you haven’t read the first two books, or if you do NOT want to know anything about Shades of Fury #3 in advance.

Note:  Adesina is the current placeholder name for a Megaera Fury newly-introduced in Black-Hearted Betrayal.


They nodded in approval, something that had a flush of pride touching my cheeks.  When neither interjected, I took that as encouragement to continue.  “I would personally recommend that one group head to the Palladium to check in with the Alecto, as instructed.  Having all three classes involved can only be to our advantage.  Once that’s done, I suggest going after Anubis’s weakest link.”

Adesina tilted her head, curiosity brightening her eyes.  “Which would be?”

Mom caught on to my intention.  “Which would be my mother.  Either it’s an imposter posing as her or actually my mother being magically manipulated.  In whichever case, she will be much easier to break and interrogate for information.  If she’s an imposter, we can threaten her with immediate execution for falsely impersonating a sister with the intention of stealing a Conclave seat.  If she’s actually my mother, we stand a good chance of breaking whatever magical spell holds her in thrall and gaining her active cooperation.”

“What if we can’t?”

Mom faced Adesina squarely, fingers clenched but face composed.  “Can’t break the spell?”

Meaning, really, what if there were no spell to break?

“Then we have no choice but to…treat her as we would any traitor.”

A slight tremble of the voice was the only indication of what that statement cost my mother.  Both Adesina and I noticed it but didn’t comment.  Me because I felt the same grim determination as Mom and Adesina out of respect.  We three Nemeses had been charged by the gods to stop civil war, and we would damn well do that; no matter the cost.

Even if that meant losing Nan before we could truly get her back.

Adesina broke the tense silence.  “And what task do you propose for our second group?”

“Oh,” I said with false lightness in my voice and a twisted smile, “Nothing major.  Just recruiting some extra muscle and taking a little road trip.  I hear that Hell’s especially nice this time of year…”


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