One of These Days…

One of these days, I will morph back into a “real” blogger again.  For realz.  Srsly!  Going to try to take baby steps.  Today I am blogging about a completely inane and probably boring to most people subject:  my gorgeous hennaed hair.  Afterward, I am going to post snippets of both the steampunk proposal I just sent to rock star agent and Fury 3 (Black-Hearted Betrayal) to reward you for putting up with the hair post.  😉

I’ve been hennaing my hair for just over two years now and I absolutely love it.  I first heard about it from a lovely lady on livejournal.  She linked to a website, henna for hair, and seeing how gorgeous her own hair was got me curious enough to check that website out.  My hair is naturally a dark blonde color that lightens in the summer but is really dull for most of the year. I had done a chemical lighter blonde for a few years and got bored with it.  Red hair was really the only other color I was interested in trying since dark colors don’t look great with my particular skin tone.  I had tried to get a chemical red a couple of times, but blonde hair is the hardest to retain a vibrant chemical red on.  It just fades too darned fast. (Pretty pictures behind the cut!)

I researched hennaing hair on that website for about a year while I worked up the courage to actually try it.  My goal was to achieve a rich red that didn’t fade.  The beauty of henna is that it doesn’t fade.  Once you achieve the color you want, it’s there to stay.  Now, a caveat:  if you decide to try hennaing your own hair due to this post, make sure you research it, and never use a compound henna (one that is not pure henna and/or mixed with chemicals or metals) on your hair.  Body art quality henna is the best.  Public Service Announcement over!

The first time I hennaed my hair, I was shocked with how bright orange it appeared at first–despite having done my research and knowing to expect that.  As the henna oxidized over the next few days, the color deepened and became closer to what I wanted.  The more you henna your whole head, the deeper the red becomes.  Some people attain the color they want, and then just do their roots after that.

I henna my hair every couple of months and use a super inexpensive brand (Dulhan) from India that I buy in a local international grocery store.  It costs me $1.69 a box and I use two boxes per hennaing.  I use a recipe that I concocted on my own based upon the research I did involving hibiscus tea, paprika, turmeric, honey, and cinnamon and vanilla (the last two to combat the strong odor of henna itself).

If anyone’s curious, sometime I’ll post further details and pictures of an actual hennaing (if I get brave enough), but this post has turned long enough.  For now, I’ll share pictures of my latest hennaing two days ago.  (I am married to one of the few men who doesn’t think red hair is hawt, so I am growing it out longer for him since he prefers long hair and I prefer red over blonde.  Compromises make a marriage, people! 😉 )

Front view:

Side view:

Rear view:


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