DIY Steampunk Hat…

I’m in the process of preparing for Archon later this month, which I’m attending as an invited guest, and–of course–Halloweeen by adding a few steampunk elements to an existing costume. This is still a work in progress, but I am trying to craft my own petite chapeau steampunke! Okay, my own little Victorian-esque steampunk-type hat.  I’m mildly craft at times, though not without much swearing and wanting to kill the hot glue gun.  At any rate, here is the initial result on Take Number One, which should look nice with the skirts and corset I bought at Dragon*Con last year:

Yes, it’s a really small hat.  😛

But it’s cute!  At least, I think so.

It will look a lot better when I actually do something with my hair.  Haha!

(Sorry for the crappy lighting/web cam quality pics.)

ETA:  My first attempt at affixing hair barrette thingies to the underside of the hat for fastening purposes failed, so I just tried a second method.  Hopefully this one will stick! (With hot glue, ha!)


Monday: State of the (Publishing) Union…

Personal “State of the Union”:  My lovely agent (AKA “Rockstar”) has the first 50 pages and synopsis for the steampunk proposal I sent to her a couple of weeks ago.  Rockstar is back from a business trip to London so hopefully we’ll be able to get that submitted to publishers in the next few weeks.  I really, really, really want to be able to write the rest of this book so cross your fingers!

Fury 3, Black-Hearted Betrayal, is finally flowing exceptionally well.  I am behind where I wanted to be but making up for lost time very quickly.  It’s amazing how the pieces are coming together.  I’m always fascinated by how the writer subconscious mind juggles all these balls behind the scenes and manages to interweave them all by the end of the book.  Of course, you still have to smooth edges and segues in the revision stage(s), but still.  Pretty darned cool!

Industry “State of the Union”:  So, there’s another publishing kerfluffle floating around the interwebz (big shock, right?), which appears to be a “he said, she said” sort of dispute between a Big 6 Publisher (full disclosure: I think it’s MY Big 6 Publisher) and a post-contract but pre-published-with-that-publisher author.  While I don’t feel comfortable opining on who is “right” or “wrong” here vis-a-vis the contract–because we the general masses aren’t privy to the exact details of the specific contract–I do feel qualified to make a few general observations. Continue reading

Hump Day Snippet – Black-Hearted Betrayal…

In the interests of more regular blogging, I am going to attempt to keep up a semi-regular schedule of blogging and am planning to bring various kinds of content throughout the week. So, without further ado, I bring you the Hump Day Snippet!  I’m planning for this to be either a short snippet from a work in progress, an original short story, or something I whip up special for the blog as a gift to readers.  Today we have an excerpt from Shades of Fury 3, Black-Hearted Betrayal.

SPOILER WARNING:  I recommend not reading this if you haven’t read the first two books, or if you do NOT want to know anything about Shades of Fury #3 in advance.

Note:  Adesina is the current placeholder name for a Megaera Fury newly-introduced in Black-Hearted Betrayal.


They nodded in approval, something that had a flush of pride touching my cheeks.  When neither interjected, I took that as encouragement to continue.  “I would personally recommend that one group head to the Palladium to check in with the Alecto, as instructed.  Having all three classes involved can only be to our advantage.  Once that’s done, I suggest going after Anubis’s weakest link.”

Adesina tilted her head, curiosity brightening her eyes.  “Which would be?”

Mom caught on to my intention.  “Which would be my mother.  Either it’s an imposter posing as her or actually my mother being magically manipulated.  In whichever case, she will be much easier to break and interrogate for information.  If she’s an imposter, we can threaten her with immediate execution for falsely impersonating a sister with the intention of stealing a Conclave seat.  If she’s actually my mother, we stand a good chance of breaking whatever magical spell holds her in thrall and gaining her active cooperation.”

“What if we can’t?”

Mom faced Adesina squarely, fingers clenched but face composed.  “Can’t break the spell?”

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Snippet: Austen Twins (Jane’s daughters) Steampunk…

This is a scene from the steampunk proposal I recently sent my agent, starring the adult children of Changeling Jane Austen and in the vein of Gail Carriger.  I very much LOVE this project and it’s a ton of fun to work on.


As the dirigible began descending toward the twinkling lights of midnight Paris in the distance, Elizabeth couldn’t help but sigh at its sheer beauty.  La Ville-Lumière—the City of Light—would always be her favorite city in the mortal realm for many reasons; not the least of them the breath-taking view of the city from several thousand feet above.

She flung her arms in the air and spun to face her sister.  “Oh, how I do love the sight of Paris from the air.  Isn’t it spectacular?”

Cassandra gripped the wooden railing tightly, her pale face showing none of the pleasure reflected on her twin’s countenance.  “Amazing,” she gritted out in a tone indicating the precisely opposite sentiment.

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One of These Days…

One of these days, I will morph back into a “real” blogger again.  For realz.  Srsly!  Going to try to take baby steps.  Today I am blogging about a completely inane and probably boring to most people subject:  my gorgeous hennaed hair.  Afterward, I am going to post snippets of both the steampunk proposal I just sent to rock star agent and Fury 3 (Black-Hearted Betrayal) to reward you for putting up with the hair post.  😉

I’ve been hennaing my hair for just over two years now and I absolutely love it.  I first heard about it from a lovely lady on livejournal.  She linked to a website, henna for hair, and seeing how gorgeous her own hair was got me curious enough to check that website out.  My hair is naturally a dark blonde color that lightens in the summer but is really dull for most of the year. I had done a chemical lighter blonde for a few years and got bored with it.  Red hair was really the only other color I was interested in trying since dark colors don’t look great with my particular skin tone.  I had tried to get a chemical red a couple of times, but blonde hair is the hardest to retain a vibrant chemical red on.  It just fades too darned fast. (Pretty pictures behind the cut!)

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