Green-Eyed Envy in the Wild!…

Two blog posts in one day – bonus!  =)  I couldn’t resist a quick post to show off pictures of Green-Eyed Envy in the wild.  My Borders shelved it early, so it was the perfect photo op to take pictures of my “babies” all together.  I also signed all the copies of Red Hot Fury and Green-Eyed Envy that they had.  Even better–the books were faced out before I got there.  Haha!

Aren’t they purdy?

Almost as purdy as me!

OMG!  I’m almost as excited as Mommy!


2 responses to “Green-Eyed Envy in the Wild!…

  1. Thank you, Savannah! I don’t think I’ll ever get jaded enough that I won’t be excited every time I see my books on the shelf. It’s a great feeling.