Blood and Bone Excerpt…

Since I wrote up a guest blog post for a friend earlier today, I don’t really feel like writing another blog post.  Instead, I’m going to share the first chapter of the YA Vamp project I’ve mentioned a couple times.  I always swore I would never write vampires until I could come up with a unique twist–and this one qualifies.  I can’t share the unique twist without spoiling it but I did want to share this with readers who might be interested.  (I polished this up today but my active WIP is Fury Book 3, since that’s the one under actual deadline.  However I do want to get this one in proposal form, just in case!)


Blood and Bone, Chapter 1

“Wake up.  Come on, now.”

The blue-haired boy wakes with his face slumped onto his left shoulder and drool dribbling down his arm.  A kind-faced man seems relieved when the boy focuses unsteady eyes upon him.

“Son, you’re gonna have to get off the bus now.  St. Cloud’s the end of the road.”

“I-uh, St. Cloud?”  He shakes his head to try and clear it.  The last thing he remembers is…huh.  He remembers fading in and out of wakefulness over the past couple of days, the rhythmic motion of the bus soothing him back to sleep each time it pulled away from another no-name town.  The man standing over him–who now looks the slightest bit impatient–bullying him into brief bathroom and food breaks at stops along the way.  What he can’t remember, however, is where he actually got onto the bus.  Or where he’s headed now.  Or why.

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Release Day High!…

So I’ve been on a Green-Eyed Envy release day high all day – all-natural, I assure you! Worked on a non-fiction client project most of the day and handled various promotional items intermittently, including getting together my first newsletter (really loving MailChimp so far!) and choosing contest winners for yesterday’s blog post contest. I’m also running a contest for newsletter subscribers, so feel free to hop over to my website and sign up for that if you’re at all interested.

I enjoyed my 5-star average Amazon review rating for the few hours it lasted (with 1 review, hahaha) and am trying not to obsessively check my Amazon ranking or look for new reviews online nonstop. Silly obsessive authors on review day! Neither of those things ever ends well…

And yes, I totally blame my friend Wen Spencer for teaching me how to even CHECK Amazon rankings!  😛

I ended the day with a trip to Barnes & Noble with my son, sister, niece, and sister’s stepson-to-be where my sister kindly took author-holding-book photos.

Box of Green-Eyed Envy Goodness…

So I was sitting outside watching my son and dog play when the wonderful UPS man showed up with a box of Green-Eyed Envy goodness–my author copies! In honor of that fact, I will ship two shiny copies of Green-Eyed Envy to two random commenters to this entry whose names I will draw in 24 hours.  I’m sorry, but this is open to U.S. residents only as I have limited funds for shipping right now.  I will save two copies and run an international readers only contest sometime next month, finances allowing.

U.S. residents, look for another giveaway with tomorrow’s “official” Release Day post!

See the pretty shiny?!?

Green-Eyed Envy in the Wild!…

Two blog posts in one day – bonus!  =)  I couldn’t resist a quick post to show off pictures of Green-Eyed Envy in the wild.  My Borders shelved it early, so it was the perfect photo op to take pictures of my “babies” all together.  I also signed all the copies of Red Hot Fury and Green-Eyed Envy that they had.  Even better–the books were faced out before I got there.  Haha!

Aren’t they purdy?

Almost as purdy as me!

OMG!  I’m almost as excited as Mommy!

Welcome to My New Blog…

As evidenced by my very sporadic (and almost non-existent) blogging over the past couple of years, I think it’s obvious that I’ve been “over” Livejournal for quite some time.  Unfortunately, it took awhile for me to get the time and energy worked up in order to switch the blog over to another platform.  I’ve been using WordPress for my website for years, so it seemed a natural fit for my new blogging software.  I’m no pro, but I’m happy with what I’ve put together so far and plan to keep tweaking over the next few days.

Speaking of the next few days, it’s hard to believe that my second book, Green-Eyed Envy, will officially hit the stands in just under four short days.  As proud as I was of Red Hot Fury, I’m just as proud of GEE, if not more so.  It’s the first book I’ve written under contract, the first book I’ve written to deadline, and the first sequel I’ve actually completed.  I kept in mind some of the complaints people had about the first book and mystery fans will be happy to find that GEE is more of a “whodunit” than Red Hot Fury, which was more about Riss’s discovering the betrayal and how she dealt with it.  I love seeing pictures of my books “in the wild” so please send me any that you take of Green-Eyed Envy.  I’ll do a contest where I draw a winner from those who send me pictures of GEE in the wild and send them something fun in a week or two.

I have plenty of guest blog posts and interviews coming up over the next month–which I’ll link to as they go up–and I’m going to make a concerted effort to blog more regularly now that I have a less annoying blog home again.  Promise!

Moving Blogs, Finally!…

So it’s something I’ve been considering for a couple of years and finally got up the time and energy to do:  I will no longer be updating this livejournal and only using this account for what I absolutely have to.  You can find my new blog at where I PROMISE to actually get back in the habit of regular blogging.  Something I haven’t felt like doing since LJ first started getting less and less enjoyable for me.  Hope to see some of my LJ friends over there!

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