T-Minus 13 Days and Counting!…

All right, folks, in honor of the fact that my debut urban fantasy, Red Hot Fury, releases from Penguin/Ace Books in less than two (2!) weeks, I am finally dusting off two fabulous books written by my very awesome writing buddy, Jill Myles, and giving these away in a celebratory contest.  I have two copies each of the first two books in Jill’s Succubus Diaries series, Gentlemen Prefer Succubi and Succubi Like It Hot.  Jill and I have been online friends for years, once both of us finally got serious about writing for publication, and we’ve been alternatively cheering each other on and whining on each other’s shoulders ever since.  While Jill’s paranormals are more on the comedic side whereas mine are darker, I absolutely love her writing and want to share the love!

This contest is open to paranormal and urban fantasy lovers (or those open to learning to love the genre) everywhere (yes, everywhere!) and two winners shall be randomly selected from commenters to this post.  I will ship each winner a copy of both books at my cost along with some book pimpage for Red Hot Fury (hey, that’s a small price to pay for free books!).  The rules are simple:  Just comment to this blog post telling me what paranormal or urban fantasy books you’re most looking forward to this summer, and why.  (And while I’d love you to PICK ME, PICK ME! doing so won’t increase your odds of winning.  😉 )

I’ll get us started.  I think the UF/paranormal I’m most looking forward to this summer is Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Goes to War, although I am admittedly a book or two behind on this series right now.  Okay, I can say that about a lot of my favorite series–but at least I have the excuse of being preoccupied with my own debut to contend with.  Right?  Right??  Ahem, while I am drooling over many UFs and paranormals right now, Kitty is hands down one of my favorite UF heroines and I just love reading about her navigating through the perils of her mundane and not-so-mundane lives.

So, what about you?

ETA:  Feel free to list more than one!  =)

Oh, guess a deadline would be helpful!  I will accept all comments as entries until midnight Central Time (US) on Saturday, June 19th.