Romantic Times Fun Fun Fun!!!

I’ll post a more in-depth round-up post later, but for now, enjoy some pictures!!!

Reader Blake
One of my best reader buds, Blake, with Michelle Rowen in the background, at a fabulous panel.

Heather and Jackie
The Always Fantastic Crit Partners Heather Brewer and Jackie Kessler.  GO BUY HUNGER when it comes out!!!

Michelle and Dakota
The Very Fun and Crazy (in a GOOD way) Michele Bardsley and Dakota Cassidy!

Heather and Kasey
Dark Fairy Heather Brewer and Fire Fairy Kasey Mackenzie (er, moi).

Kasey and Michelle
Kasey and Michelle Rowen (who is FABULOUS), new con partners-in-crime, post-Faery Ball and Michelle’s win for Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Best Vampire Romance.  WOO HOO GO MICHELLE!!!  *hums the tune of "Oh Canada!"*

And, for now, last but IN NO WAYS LEAST…

Jim and Creepy Doll
Jim Butcher (rockin’ a new look, I must say!) with Creepy Doll as ventriloquist and dummy…you decide who is who!  😉

Okay off to meet Michelle Ro-Ro for breakfast.


3 responses to “Romantic Times Fun Fun Fun!!!

  1. Awesome, Kasey! I’m kind of fangirling over Jim Butcher.
    I met Michele and Dakota at a con not too long ago. They are positively fantastic peoples!
    Definitely saving up for RT next year….

  2. Red Hot Fury will be red hot when it comes out…
    Hi Kasey,
    I just wanted to thank you again for all the words of encouragement on Friday night. You’ll never know how much inspiration you gave me and what it meant to me to hear your publishing story. I can’t wait to read your full book when it comes out next month!
    Love the pictures of Creepy doll by the way. Without the doll on your lap I doubt I would have had the courage to walk up and talk to you. Thanks again for all your support!
    Tiffany Grinstead