Somebody Famous–Who Doesn’t Know Me–Loves My Book!!!

And yes, I AM just a little bit excited about this, why do you ask?  =)  The awesome Karen Chance, NYT bestselling author of the Cassie Palmer series and Midnight’s Daughter (which I LOVE), read Red Hot Fury and had this to say:   “I loved it. Kasey Mackenzie is a brilliant new talent, and RED HOT FURY is fun, inventive, and has an awesome heroine. Easily the best book I’ve read this year.”  Wow…I am still on Cloud Nine from that…Amazing how a little peer validation boosts one’s confidence.  And with us angst-filled authors, that can be a VERY good thing!  =)


5 responses to “Somebody Famous–Who Doesn’t Know Me–Loves My Book!!!

  1. If I was mean I#d point out that teh year isn’t all that old 😉
    I can’t wait to buy your book even without that blurb but it DOES sound like she really liked it and I can certainly imagine how you MUST feel.
    You are our beacon of hope 😀