Mah Red Hot Covah, Let me Show You It!!!

I am pleased as punch (spiked if you prefer it that way) to be able to share my amazingly gorgeous cover with you. The Ace art department has done a FABULOUS job of bringing Riss, my very own Red Hot Fury, to life and I absolutely love this cover. Props also go to my stupendous editor, Jessica Wade, who has also done a fantastic job bringing this cover to fruition.

So, without further ado, here it is!

Eeeee! Only 5 more months until I am an official published author!!!!!!!!!!


19 responses to “Mah Red Hot Covah, Let me Show You It!!!

  1. Wow
    Wonderful Cover…would definitely stop me in the store. Congrats – I would be doing the happy dance all over the place.

  2. Great Cover !!!
    Can’t wait to get the book. What I read of the edits I am excited about this book.
    And I am very happy for your dream to
    come true at last !