Pretty Pictures!!!

So my fabulous publicity shots are in and I’m COMPLETELY pleased with my photographer, Jeff Borts – Denash Photography in St. Louis. (I have to give him a shout out in case anyone in the area is looking for a fantastic photographer!) He listened and did exactly what I asked for, which I’m so happy about. We were shooting under less than ideal conditions (very cold and drizzling rain which caused me to get bronchitis and double ear infections–I suffered for art!) and he definitely lived up to my expectations. I also LOVE my hair and makeup so a shout out to the gals at Ginger Bay Salon in St. Louis as well.

Okay, so I’m going to post some of my favorites and welcome any and all comments! I figure I’ll post a few on the website, choose one for the urban fantasy, and then maybe another for the YA (should we manage to sell it!). Without further ado:

This is probably one of my favorite outside shots:

I LOVE how my skin, hair, and smile (which I often do) look in this one:

I think this one might be really good for an "urban fantasy" vibe:

Slightly closer-up and different-colored background:

I like this one, too:

I think this one is pretty, too:

And another with the hat I like:

I may post others later, too. So happy with these!!!


25 responses to “Pretty Pictures!!!

  1. I LOVE the last one and the one on the steps is awesome. You are too cute!! Oh, and great choice on the teal shirt. Totally rocks with the hair!

    • Awww, thank you! I think I clean up pretty good but professional hair and make-up will do that! *lol* And yes I LOVE how the teal and red hair went together.

  2. My personal favorite is the first. the pictures are lovely and the bold color really suits you. So does teh confindence 😀 any i dea when red hot fury will apaer on the shelves so I can freaking BUY it 😉

  3. 2 cents
    First off – these are all beautiful pictures! That said, here’s what I would and wouldn’t go with, and why:
    1. Maybe. You look gorgeous, but you also look like you’re running away to go shopping, and that doesn’t scream author photo to me.
    2/3. Enh – You still look good, but the orange back ground is distracting.
    4. Yes! It screams “I’m a writer with something interesting to say. You’ll get to know me through this book, but I’m still kinda mysterious, sitting over here, partially obstructed by (what I’m guessing is) the hand rail.
    5. Maybe – It says, “Come follow me – take my hand and I’ll tell you a story”
    6. Enh. It’s cute, but reminds me of a high school studio photo.