Halloween Fun!

So this year son is (shocker!) Spider Man and I am an Ice Princess/Snow Queen!


Rears in Gear, and the Getting Thereof…

So I’m trying to get my rear in gear as far as regular blogging and website updating again go.  On the plus side, I am nearly finished with the Red Hot Fury revisions, which should free some time up a bit soon.  I am also falling more and more in love with this book as I revise it, and I’m so happy that I have such an awesome editor to work with to make it the best it can be.  It’s so exciting to know that your writing skills are improving so much over time, and to really feel like you’re making progress in your craft.

Did I mention that I’m on Amazon?!?!?!  *squee*

Hopefully soon:  cover art!

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I’m On Amazon!!!…

Okay, okay, so technically Red Hot Fury is up on Amazon, but my pen name’s up there, too!  =)  I am SOOOO excited about this!  Too tired to really post much else right now, but I just had to share that with everyone.  I have an ISBN and people can pre-order my book now and everything.  Hooray!!!  =)

This really IS happening!!!

Teaser Tuesday, Purgatory Style!

Just because I love me some Purgatory peeps, here’s a Teaser Tuesday from Red Hot Fury, which I’m currently editing.  This is a new scene inserted at my editor’s request to establish more of Riss’s background and relationship with her sister Fury and best friend, Vanessa.  Yes, my editor actually asked me to put flash back scenes IN!  =)  I think this scene really helps amp up the emotional impact later on, and explain why Riss acts the way she does.


Teaser Tuesday…

Exciting Happenings…

So I received the tentatively final cover copy for the back cover of Red Hot Fury today.  May I just say that my editor, Jessica Wade, rocks?!?  I really appreciate that she asked for my input and took it into account and came up with a compromise that worked for all of us.  Even more exciting, they’ll be doing the cover conference for the cover art soon, so hopefully I’ll have something to share on that front in the next few weeks/months.  This whole crazy publishing dream is starting to feel so much more real, and I just can’t wait to hold my first book in my hands!

I’m also working hard on the revisions for my editor and am about a third of the way through now.  They’re going fabulously and I’m falling even more in love with this book, and the main character, Riss.  I am so grateful to Jessica for her many fabulous insights and I know the book is already so much better that it just thrills me to pieces.  I shouldn’t have any problems meeting my early November deadline on this, so hooray!