Awesome Red Hair (Crappy hairstyle for work! ;) )

Okay, so I finally took the plunge last week and hennaed my hair.  I LOVE it!!!  Love love LOVE it!  It’s SO hard to get red to stick to blonde hair with chemical dyes–it just fades WAY too fast.  I’m so glad I finally worked up the courage to try henna.  I’m posting some pics by request:  just keep in mind my hair is pulled back kinda messily for work so it’s not looking its best, but this gives a good idea of the great color results I’ve gotten.  This color is after two henna applications and the picture was taken indoors with a flash.  I’m planning to do at least one or two more full-head henna applications because I want the red to deepen/darken just a bit.  I’ll do a longer post about my actual henna process later!


4 responses to “Awesome Red Hair (Crappy hairstyle for work! ;) )

  1. Oooh! Yep, I totally hear you on trying to get red to stick, so I’m *very* interested in this and to hear how long it lasts! I always end up going back to blonde just because I get so sick of having to constantly re-dye, groan.