…but surely coming out of my sickness-induced funk and trying to get back into a routine.  I wrote like a crazy writing thing today, though it was mostly on a client project I’m trying to finish up, rather than fiction or my non-fiction proposal.  SOOOO glad that my sickness did NOT turn into bronchitis like they so often do for me.  My plan for tomorrow is to finish up the same project I worked on today, and catch up on a couple of other projects tomorrow.  Additionally, I need to do some more work on the non-fiction proposal and also make more progress on my Red Hot Fury revisions.  Oh, and I have GOT to make some major progress on the charity critiques I have for the wonderful, patient writers who awesomely bid on them.  If any of you read this LJ, please know that I AM working on them and truly appreciate your patience.

Can I have more hours in a day please?  =)


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