Author’s Log R1D1 (Revisions 1 Day 1)

Plan to tweet as I revise my first book to be published, & perhaps post in-depth blog posts. May be boring but could be helpful to some!

  • Author’s Log, R1D1 (Revisions 1 Day 1): Lovely editor careful to tell me how much I rock before telling me what sucks. Appreciate it!
  • Re-read editor’s revision notes & agree with most of what she has to say. Wondering how on earth had 3 editors interested in this tripe!

  • Fortify self with Dr. Pepper (oops) and blueberry scone from Panera before starting. Sugar rush makes things seem much better!

  • Decide to run seemingly brilliant idea past crit partner before implementing just in case not really so brilliant. Wouldn’t be first time.
  • Hallelujah! Crit partner agrees with brilliance and helps work out further details. Email to editor to get okay before working in.

  • Re-fill Dr. Pepper (double oops) and break out notebook will use for revisions. Set it out next to hard copy tripe-filled manuscript.

  • Take out shiny new gorgeous gel pen (NOTE: Need to find a great teal pen, have to settle for sky blue for now) & get to work making notes.

  • Number all of the global concerns editor noted. & make correspondingly numbered notes in notebook. Feel can make book less tripe-filled.

  • Number all of the page-specific mechanics concerns editor has. Start craving chocolate when realize just how many there are. What tripe!

  • Consider buying chocolate chip cookie to induce new sugar high, but remind self already had blueberry scone. Nurse Dr. Pepper and curse.

  • Put big-girl pants on and make notes for all of the page-specific mechanics concerns. Grit teeth & resist urge to hit ctrl-A + delete.

  • Grabs Filet’o’Tripe and flips to Chapter 1, page 1. Re-read opening paragraph and remember how much I love this book. Yay!

  • Get to paragraph 3 and realize how to implement one of the suggestions editor made. Instantly feel more cheerful and hopeful about tripe.

  • Start getting into groove and stop feeling like fraudulent writing hack. Sure feeling won’t last long! Damn writerly angst.

  • Am obsessing over the coloring of my Furies’ magical serpent familiar/companions. And Fury hair coloring…Am such a girl!

  • Author’s Log, R1D1: Done w/ revisions for today. Total Dr. Pepper ingested: Waytoomanyounces! Total desserts: 1 (so far). Not TOO bad!

And now for more freelance work!


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