Author’s Log R1D1 (Revisions 1 Day 1)

Plan to tweet as I revise my first book to be published, & perhaps post in-depth blog posts. May be boring but could be helpful to some!

  • Author’s Log, R1D1 (Revisions 1 Day 1): Lovely editor careful to tell me how much I rock before telling me what sucks. Appreciate it!
  • Re-read editor’s revision notes & agree with most of what she has to say. Wondering how on earth had 3 editors interested in this tripe!

  • Fortify self with Dr. Pepper (oops) and blueberry scone from Panera before starting. Sugar rush makes things seem much better!

  • Decide to run seemingly brilliant idea past crit partner before implementing just in case not really so brilliant. Wouldn’t be first time.
  • Hallelujah! Crit partner agrees with brilliance and helps work out further details. Email to editor to get okay before working in.

  • Re-fill Dr. Pepper (double oops) and break out notebook will use for revisions. Set it out next to hard copy tripe-filled manuscript.

  • Take out shiny new gorgeous gel pen (NOTE: Need to find a great teal pen, have to settle for sky blue for now) & get to work making notes.

  • Number all of the global concerns editor noted. & make correspondingly numbered notes in notebook. Feel can make book less tripe-filled.

  • Number all of the page-specific mechanics concerns editor has. Start craving chocolate when realize just how many there are. What tripe!

  • Consider buying chocolate chip cookie to induce new sugar high, but remind self already had blueberry scone. Nurse Dr. Pepper and curse.

  • Put big-girl pants on and make notes for all of the page-specific mechanics concerns. Grit teeth & resist urge to hit ctrl-A + delete.

  • Grabs Filet’o’Tripe and flips to Chapter 1, page 1. Re-read opening paragraph and remember how much I love this book. Yay!

  • Get to paragraph 3 and realize how to implement one of the suggestions editor made. Instantly feel more cheerful and hopeful about tripe.

  • Start getting into groove and stop feeling like fraudulent writing hack. Sure feeling won’t last long! Damn writerly angst.

  • Am obsessing over the coloring of my Furies’ magical serpent familiar/companions. And Fury hair coloring…Am such a girl!

  • Author’s Log, R1D1: Done w/ revisions for today. Total Dr. Pepper ingested: Waytoomanyounces! Total desserts: 1 (so far). Not TOO bad!

And now for more freelance work!


Shiny New LJ Template!…

Kudos to my fabulous web designer, Scarlett at Bajetto Design for the absolutely beautiful LJ template.  She’s done a fantastic job listening to my ideas and input and putting together my website, blog design, and LJ template.  Scarlett is a fantastic designer and I would heartily recommend her to anyone who needs a web designer.  Now that I have all my new pretty shinies up, hopefully I can get back in the habit of regular posting again!  Just not a whole lot new to report right now.  Busy writing like a busy bee, which is good!  But now it’s time for bed!