Pictures from RWA National in DC…

Way too tired to post a summary of my trip, so for now–pictures! =) Unfortunately, I didn’t take nearly as many as I had planned!

Jackie Kessler, Me, Rachel Vincent

The fabulous Jackie Kessler, the awesome Rachel Vincent, and…me. 😉

Jeri Smith Ready, me

My fantabulous agent-mate, Jeri Smith Ready, and me! =)

The uber talented Michelle Rowen.

The uber talented Michelle Rowen and me. =)

The supremely sweet and magnificent Chris Marie Green (oh yeah, and me)!

Chris Marie Green and Ann Aguirre

Chris Marie Green and She of the Awesome Hair, Ann Aguirre. Who I would LOVE to visit in Mexico since I got married there and am a former Spanish major. 😉

The dynamic Virginia Kantra–with whom I enjoyed singing Brad Paisley’s “Honey, I’m Still A Guy” when I was moderating her gender workshop. =)

Enjoying the Rita reception with mah new gurl, Jackie Kessler!

Having a blast with Jackie and the inimitable LdyDisney (Lisa Kessler, no relationship to Jackie! 😉 ).

Lisa and her hubby, Ken Kessler (also no relation to Jackie! 😉 )
Okay, back to movie-watching with my own hubby, whom I missed dearly!!!


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