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I’m completely loving the new blog my talented web designer put together for me, and now that I’m back from RWA National I’m taking the time to get a post up.  I’m planning to mirror my website blog and livejournal, so don’t feel like you need to read both if you already read LJ!  =)  Unless, of course, you just want to look at the purdy!!!  My designer is supposed to put together a personalized LJ template for me, too, so I should have that up soon.

At any rate, don’t have time for much of a post right now (have too much writing I need to get done), so for now, here is a very rough and short snippet of the opening for a romantic suspense proposal I’m putting together for my lovely agent.  The main character is a Southern Belle turned computer geek named Sarah Rose Paulson who is right on course for her 10-year plan to take over the world of IP law.  Bachelor degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering?  Check.  Harvard law degree?  Check.  Passing the Georgia and U.S. Patent bars?  Not so much.

Now she’s out to get digilante justice for the poor inventors her high-falutin’ law firm she slaves away for as a patent clerk helps rob of their IP.  Playing modern-day Robin Hood is both satisfying and lucrative, helping keep her student loans out of default.  Robbing from Peter to pay Paulson…Unethical?  Maybe.  Ironically fun?  Hell yeah!


Chapter 1

I’d like to tell ya’all I became a modern-day Robin Hood–stealing from the Yankee rich law firm I work for and giving to the poor inventors my bosses help rob blind–for purely selfless reasons, but as my gramma would say, that dog sure won’t hunt.  The truth of the matter is I just got plain ole pissed off.  On the day I found out my student loans were about an inch away from default.  After my asshole boss chewed me out seven ways to Sunday and then grabbed my PDA instead of his before stalking out of my closet.  I mean office.

Staring down at the ego icon that served as his electronic wallpaper, I debated copying his entire contents onto my PC, just to see if I could dig up any juicy dirt on the senior pain-in-my-ass.  I mean partner.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I never claimed to be Mother Teresa.  Granddaddy would bust a gut in his grave if I told that story.

It took about five seconds for me to make the decision to go for it.  Hands-on Magee, the "pet" name we female staff members of Woolson, Magee, & Gage used for the asshole, had pushed my buttons one too many times and I wasn’t just gonna lay down and take it anymore.  He probably should have kept in mind my double degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, but that would have required thinking past his third leg long enough to remember I was much more than the glorified patent clerk this law firm got for a song and dance.

Prior to what my mother euphemistically referred to as my "Episode" two years ago, I’d been right on track for my 10-year plan to take over the world of IP law.  Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering?  Check.  Juris doctorate from Harvard Law?  Check.  Passing the Georgia and U.S. Patent Bars?  Yeah…not so much.

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