Gratuitous Puppy Dog Pictures!

By popular demand, here are gratuitous pictures of our new puppy dog, Nikki (La Pup Nikita)!  So far, she is a VERY good dog, which is awesome since she’s the first dog I’ve owned as an adult and will be my responsibility.  =)


7 responses to “Gratuitous Puppy Dog Pictures!

  1. My, my, she is a cutie! And she looks like she’ll be a handful. My puppy is just about 7 months old now and she’s finally calmed down. I hope you have an easier time with your new baby. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Cute dog!
    Hi, sorry to intrude – navigated here from ‘s livejournal (by way of the Team Purgatory community and maybe a few other links…?). I saw you were from St. Louis and that you’re a writer, and I hoped you wouldn’t mind very much if I friended you. I grew up in St. Louis (Florissant) and I think I am about the same age you are. I’m an aspiring writer – unpublished so far, but I’ve been writing for years.