Meet Nikita!…


…AKA Nikki…at least, that’s what I’m planning to name her once we get through the adoption process (assuming our one-week "rent-a-pet" visit with her the first week of June goes well).  Her name right now is Dena but I’m not crazy about it, and for some reason I kept thinking she’s a Nikki.  I tried a million other names out but nothing else seemed right.  I didn’t want to name her Nicole, though, so I looked up the meaning of Nikita and decided it was perfect.  It can be traced back to "Nike" from Greek mythology and one of Riss’s Amphisbaena (her serpent kinda-sorta "familiars") is named Nike, so that just seems perfect!

She’s 6 months old and a little bigger than in this picture, and just absolutely gorgeous.  She’ll be the first dog I’ve owned as an adult and I’m so excited.  I hope she and the cats get along because I really want a walking companion and watchdog since I’ll be working from home most of the time now!!!


8 responses to “Meet Nikita!…

  1. She’s gorgeous! And now I have the song “Darling Nikki” running through my head.
    I hope the trial visit goes well. She looks like she’ll be fun to live with!

  2. Oh, wow. She is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!
    We changed our dog’s name too. When we adopted her, she was about 2-1/2, and the shelter (which had found her wandering stray, so didn’t know her original name) was calling her “Peggy”. It was SOOOOO wrong for her, so on the drive home, she became Maya instead, and it fits her perfectly!
    Dogs are the best – especially when you’re working from home. Maya definitely kept me from going crazy when I became a fulltime writer!