Freelance Writing

So I’m making a go of the whole freelance writing thing now. I’ve scored my first paying gig writing HR articles for an insurance agency, another paying (but much more sporadically) freelance job, and am currently being considered for several other jobs (hooray!). Needless to say I’m excited and lord, I forgot how much I love researching and writing. Ideally, I hope to be able to make my living doing this at some point (the growing anxiety disorder pretty much demands it), supplemented by teaching writing courses at some local community and technical colleges. More on THAT once I actually get hired (I’m 99.9% sure at least one is going to offer me an adjunct faculty gig for a research and writing course…hooray!).

With that all said, for anyone who is interested I am unveiling the second, more sporadically-paying freelance job…my position as the new St. Louis Books Examiner for Of course, I just HAD to make my first post on St. Louis’s most famous urban fantasy author, Laurell K. Hamilton. And yeah, that’s my "real" name…I’ve decided to stick with Kasey for my fiction and Heather for my non-fiction/legal writing. Just to confuse you all! At any rate, please feel free to check it out if you get a chance!

(I am hoping to get my life back under control soon. Been dealing with some stress/anxiety stuff again along with a packed schedule so…please be patient with me!)