Gratuitous Puppy Dog Pictures!

By popular demand, here are gratuitous pictures of our new puppy dog, Nikki (La Pup Nikita)!  So far, she is a VERY good dog, which is awesome since she’s the first dog I’ve owned as an adult and will be my responsibility.  =)

Isn’t she just the CUTEST PUPPY EVAH?


Last Day…

So today is my last day at my "day job" and I am completely excited!!!  While I love my firm and will miss the people there greatly, I am so thrilled to be starting this next chapter (hee) of my life.  I have dreamed of writing full-time ever since I can remember, and now that dream is coming true!  I feel so incredibly blessed.  Just remember–if I can do it, so can you!!!

And P.S. blog posts should get more frequent from me now.  Really!

Meet Nikita!…


…AKA Nikki…at least, that’s what I’m planning to name her once we get through the adoption process (assuming our one-week "rent-a-pet" visit with her the first week of June goes well).  Her name right now is Dena but I’m not crazy about it, and for some reason I kept thinking she’s a Nikki.  I tried a million other names out but nothing else seemed right.  I didn’t want to name her Nicole, though, so I looked up the meaning of Nikita and decided it was perfect.  It can be traced back to "Nike" from Greek mythology and one of Riss’s Amphisbaena (her serpent kinda-sorta "familiars") is named Nike, so that just seems perfect!

She’s 6 months old and a little bigger than in this picture, and just absolutely gorgeous.  She’ll be the first dog I’ve owned as an adult and I’m so excited.  I hope she and the cats get along because I really want a walking companion and watchdog since I’ll be working from home most of the time now!!!

Shameless Self-Promotion…

Okie, shamelessly promoting one of my new freelance gigs, mostly because it pays per click (hee)…If you get bored please feel free to check out my articles at and I will of course be eternally grateful! Also, anyone who wants me to interview them or blurb their book has but to ask! =) While I plan to focus on St. Louis related books as much as possible, I can’t possibly post 4-5 times per week on just St. Louis authors/books. At any rate, just thought I’d throw that out there!

Just a Quick Update…

So…I took the plunge and gave notice at my day job yesterday so I can focus on expanding my writing career and developing my budding college instructor career. I have been scoring freelance writing jobs left and right and also am in the training process to each a research and writing course with University of Phoenix. I may have a lead on a job teaching writing for an area technical college, and I applied to several community colleges in the area. I may also have a part-time nanny job lined up just to make sure I have a steady income, especially for the first couple of years I do this. I have butterflies in my stomach and I’m nervous but SOOO excited!!!

This means that I will definitely have more time to post regularly again soon. I also plan to unveil a complete website and livejournal re-design soon, so stay tuned!

Freelance Writing

So I’m making a go of the whole freelance writing thing now. I’ve scored my first paying gig writing HR articles for an insurance agency, another paying (but much more sporadically) freelance job, and am currently being considered for several other jobs (hooray!). Needless to say I’m excited and lord, I forgot how much I love researching and writing. Ideally, I hope to be able to make my living doing this at some point (the growing anxiety disorder pretty much demands it), supplemented by teaching writing courses at some local community and technical colleges. More on THAT once I actually get hired (I’m 99.9% sure at least one is going to offer me an adjunct faculty gig for a research and writing course…hooray!).

With that all said, for anyone who is interested I am unveiling the second, more sporadically-paying freelance job…my position as the new St. Louis Books Examiner for Of course, I just HAD to make my first post on St. Louis’s most famous urban fantasy author, Laurell K. Hamilton. And yeah, that’s my "real" name…I’ve decided to stick with Kasey for my fiction and Heather for my non-fiction/legal writing. Just to confuse you all! At any rate, please feel free to check it out if you get a chance!

(I am hoping to get my life back under control soon. Been dealing with some stress/anxiety stuff again along with a packed schedule so…please be patient with me!)

Happy Release Week, Cindy!!!

Just picked up Cindy’s Pon’s GORGEOUS Silver Phoenix and have pictures of it in its natural habitat. The first is a bit fuzzy, but I took them on my iPhone so that’s to be expected. I am so proud and awed by Cindy’s amazing talent and the fact she is so amazingly beautiful both inside and out!

Okie, past my bedtime!!!