Quickie Update…

…just to get back in the habit of posting regularly. I have not been writing much lately (despite the new office) because I am knitting a baby blanket for a co-worker who is having a baby next month. Her shower here at work is in, oh, a week, and I am about 1/10th of the way done. Hahaha! First, I had to get back in practice of knitting again, which meant a lot of false starts and do-overs, and then I had to pick the right pattern for my skill level (beginning, but I didn’t want anything TOO plain). So now I’ve got two squares done out of 20 and am started on the third. I am getting a lot faster now so I hope to have at least half of the blanket done by next week. I will take a picture of what I have done and give that to her with the other gifts I got, and hopefully finish the blanket well before her due date.

My plan is to knit every night between now and then, and as much over the weekend as I can stand, though I REALLY want to write for at least an hour Saturday and Sunday, more if I can. Just to dip my feet back into a regular writing schedule. The urge to write is definitely starting to get strong again, which is a very good sign.

Enjoying the gorgeous spring weather here, although the crazy allergies–not so much!


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