Tweeting More, LJing Less…Bad Me!…

Okay, a quick post so I don’t find the entire month of February getting away from me before I know it! Writing news: Lovely Rockstar Agent Ginger emailed today to let me know that the contracts are in the mail. Soooo I should be boring you all with pictures of me signing the contracts for my first (but hopefully not last) book deal! Hooray! =)

In other news, I have not been writing much lately due to exercising more (up to 50-60 minutes at a time on my bike and LOVING that my fitness level is returning…also down 6 more pounds since last month’s doctor appointment and my BMI is down 5 points total since November–woot!) and…horror of horrors…scraping painted-over wallpaper off the walls of the former guest room which is now becoming my dedicated office. The horror part is just for the wallpaper. Even though we bought the supposedly “proper” tools, scraping that stuff off has been a slow and annoying process. Still, it will be worth it when I have my gorgeous office complete with the chair rail and two-toned effect I’ve always dreamed of. *grin*

And of course I am looking forward to more regular writing soon!

Now…to bed!


9 responses to “Tweeting More, LJing Less…Bad Me!…

  1. Congrats on the exercise! I’m desperately trying to find somewhere to squeeze some regular exercise into my week, having realised that running up the stairs at work to the coffee machine really doesn’t count…

  2. I’ve found exercising pushes me more to be productive. So spending an hour on the bike is not a bad thing, if you feel it’s taking time away from you’re writing. It makes you focus sharper, and become more energetic which gives you more time in return to spend writing!

  3. Technique
    Do you have a sprayer? We bought a garden sprayer from home depot (about $10) and filled with hot water and the wallpaper remover liquid (DIF Wallpaper Stripper).
    Then I used one of those wallpaper shredder tools (Papertiger I think its called).
    Once the paper was made more porous by the shredder, we sprayed the hot water solution all over the painted over wallpaper and let it seep in. Then I took a scraper and most of it came off really quick.
    It may take a few passes depending on the number of layers of paper, but I finished whole rooms in 1-2 nights with this technique.

    • Re: Technique
      We don’t have a sprayer, but we have the wallpaper remover (DIF) and the Papertiger scorer thingie along with the scraper. It just doesn’t seem to be helping as much as it should, not consistently. Husband thinks it’s due to the kind of paint that’s on there. Thanks for the idea, though! If I get desperate I may try adding a sprayer and hot water. =)

      • Re: Technique
        I honestly think its the hot water and the paper tiger that are the key to getting it off. When we ran out of DIF, I just used hot water and it worked about the same.
        The sprayer puts a fine mist on the wall and sinks in well. We got a battery operated one in the garden dept. of home depot. It had a strap too so I could carry it up and down the ladder.

      • Re: Technique
        Thank you times ten! The hot water worked like a dream–I didn’t even buy a sprayer, just used a squirt bottle. It made the paper peel off MUCH easier!