Awesome Book…

Just finished Shadow Kiss, Book Three in Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. OMG…LOVE this series SO MUCH. But all I can say right now is–damn you, Richelle, for ending on such a cliffhanger and now I have to go way too long before I can find out what happens next. ARGHHHH!!!!!!! Good thing I have more books to take my mind off it, thanks to the book store gift cards I got for Christmas.

But still…ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!


6 responses to “Awesome Book…

  1. So jealous. My library doesn’t have the third one yet. :cries:
    But then I’m waiting on my own cliffhanger in a different series, so maybe it’s all for the best that I haven’t read that one yet, lol. I can only handle so many cliffhangers at once.

    • Awww *comfort* How dare they not have it yet???
      Hee…If the first book in a series ends on a huge cliffhanger it usually ticks me off majorly and risks me not reading farther sometimes. But when it’s book three of a series I am so invested in, I’m so hooked that it’s not going to deter me from getting the next one.

      • I know! It seems like it came out ages ago (okay, actually really not too long ago, and my library system is weirdly slow when it comes to getting some books) and I’m starved for good stuff since the next book in the other YA UF series I’m reading isn’t coming out until I think March. And while that one didn’t quite end on a cliffhanger, it ended in an “OMG I need to know what happened!” spot. And I prefer Rose to the MC of that series.
        I can’t really remember too many first books I’ve come across that end on major cliffhangers. The first book of the Series of Doom is going to be more cliffhanger-y than I’d like, but I’m hoping I can fix some of that in the editing process. And there might only be so much I can do because the book leads up to the start of a revolution, with the second one starting with the revolution in progress. And of course there’s no guarantee that the Series of Doom will be what lands me an agent, if indeed anything ever does anyway.

  2. Oh no! A cliffhanger. Drat. I’ve been wanting this book forever. It’s first on my to-buy list now that I have B&N Gift cards to spend. When does book 4 come out??? Maybe I can force myself to wait until then to buy 3?
    Yeah right. Who am I kidding? I’m buying 3 this week. 🙂