Poor Baby Girl…

I had one of my flashes of intuition that I get fairly often and had the sudden irresistible feeling that the corpse found in Florida had been identified as little Caylee Anthony. I hopped onto CNN.com and found out I was right and that it was Breaking News. While I am extremely happy that they found the remains which will make it easier to prosecute her murderer, I am just heart-broken that poor little Caylee’s life took such a tragic end.

Lately these days, I have to avoid coverage of stories about children abused or murdered, especially when they are close in age to my baby boy. But something about this story–perhaps because I lived in the Orlando area for a year–just touched my heart and so I have been following it a lot, especially on the Nancy Grace show. Every time they show that footage of her singing “You Are My Sunshine”–a song that I sing to Zack quite often–it just breaks my heart, and yet I couldn’t look away from it either. Too often our most precious and vulnerable babies are abused, used, or discarded as if they are nothing more than garbage. I know–I survived abuse at the hands of a distant family member myself when I was right around the age of little Caylee.

It makes me so sad. Especially when I think of all the people out there struggling with infertility who would provide these unwanted or abused children with a safe and loving home. Like in Caylee’s case–I have heard reports that her mother wanted to give her up for adoption to a close friend, but her grandmother coerced her into keeping Caylee. Note that I am NOT blaming the grandmother for the mother killing Caylee–Casey Anthony is going to have to bear that cross all on her own. I just think it’s important that people realize you cannot MAKE someone be a good parent. Trying to do so often ends in tragedy, like it did here.

I don’t know that there’s a point to this post, it’s just something I had to get out. Every time I read about one of these cases, I weep–whether figuratively or literally. And not just for the middle-class white children, either. All children are precious; all children deserve to be safe and loved. And all children who have their lives stolen prematurely–especially by someone who should have loved and protected them with every fiber of their being–deserve to be remembered.

I will remember you, Caylee. As I know countless others will. Rest in peace, baby girl…


2 responses to “Poor Baby Girl…

  1. I know, it breaks my heart. The one that really stuck with me was Precious Doe. That poor baby. I just don’t understand how people can not treasure those tiny people.

  2. I just wrapped up 27 hours of adoptive parenting classes…let me tell you, the abuses people are capable of are unspeakable. Horrible, dark, and unspeakable.
    I watched the CNN live report as the Sheriff spoke and said, “This kind of thing happens all too often in our nation…I can’t imagine, having two …raised two little girls myself…”
    My brain just goes numb.