Auction for a Good Cause…

So I posted an auction for a Tuckerization in RHF, along with a signed ARC, copy of the final book, and two urban fantasy novels of the buyer’s choice in the Help Vera LJ community to help someone in the SFF community keep her home and take care of some other items. They’ve already raised the money to save her home, but the goal is to build her a little cushion and hire an attorney to help re-negotiate her mortgage. I was inspired to post this auction because my mother has lead a similar life–she has worked her butt off to get ahead and take care of her family, but Murphy’s Law follows her everywhere. If it CAN go wrong for her, it usually does. I’ve been incredibly blessed this year, and have already had one opportunity to help a family save their home. I feel very lucky to help someone else out.

If you can, go ahead and take a peek: If you can’t afford to bid on my auction or any of the others, donations of even $1 are very much appreciated. Even just spreading the word also helps. It is so wonderful to be part of such a warm community here on livejournal and know that if the bottom drops out of your world there may very well be awesome people there to help carry your load until you can shoulder it alone again.


And now, back to my being home sick and cruddy. Most likely with bronchitis. Blech!

Oh, and hoping that I don’t get humiliated by not even getting one bid on the auction…Which wouldn’t be a huge shock since I’m an unknown element at this point–one reason I threw in the offer of two urban fantasy novels of the winner’s choice! *snicker*

ETA: Oooh, got a bid already. Woot!


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    • *hugs back* It started as a cold late Thursday/early Friday. Saturday I took Cold Ease which helped tremendously, but it stopped working Sunday which is when I think the infection set in. Happens to me all the time. *sigh* I went to work yesterday, came home early, and tried to get in to my doctor’s office today. Unfortunately they can’t fit me in until tomorrow, but I know she will give me my usual prescription cold medicine and antibiotics because this happens to me so often. Fortunately I’ve gotten smart enough to not wait for weeks before I go in. LOL.