Quickie Post…

Just a quick post because I feel like a slacker for not having updated in awhile. All is well–last week just took a lot out of me, so I spent the parts of the weekend not doing family or charity work that I do every holiday season resting as much as possible. This week has been a LOT better healthwise for me than last week. On Monday night I walked on the treadmill for two 10-minute sessions. It took a lot out of me so I had to rest in between. Last night I was able to go faster and longer–30 minutes at once–while watching The Biggest Loser. Just losing the 20 pounds I’ve lost so far meant my feet didn’t hurt me at all from walking. It felt sooooo good to be able to do that without pain!!!

My goal tonight is to do another 30 minutes at the same speed. If I can do more or better, great. If not, no biggie.

My writing goal is to start dabbling again sometime this week, probably this weekend since I haven’t had the creative energy to write after work.

And speaking of which, back to the grindstone!


4 responses to “Quickie Post…

  1. Yay – thanks for posting, haven’t seen you lately and now I know why 😀
    the afghan is done – I need to find the time to wrap it and send it on to you.