So Long Wonderful 2008…

2008 was a stellar year for me. I scored a fantastic agent who sold my book at auction for six figures (very low, lest anyone think I’m gonna become all insufferable now ;), but still awesome!) to an equally fantastic editor at a publishing house I have only fantasized about being published by…and now am! I still have to pinch myself on occasion because I can’t believe this childhood dream of mine is coming true…The icing on the cake for this year is the improved health I was able to give myself by having the lap band surgery. So far I’m down 28 pounds and am having MUCH less foot pain, which means I can move my body more again–the number one reason I actually finally decided to have this surgery. Food is no longer the issue for me that it has been in the past. I can eat just about whatever I want to (though I eat predominantly healthy food), I just eat much smaller portions and stay full longer. It truly was the right decision for me to make, health-wise. I feel SO much better already!!!

Here’s hoping that 2009 brings more wonderful things, and even more improved health. Especially for my mother, who’s having a rough time right now. She means the world to me so I hope that things work out well for her and my new step-father.

And here’s hoping that 2009 brings all my online friends amazing blessings and opportunities. I love you guys! Have a safe and happy New Year!


Awesome Book…

Just finished Shadow Kiss, Book Three in Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. OMG…LOVE this series SO MUCH. But all I can say right now is–damn you, Richelle, for ending on such a cliffhanger and now I have to go way too long before I can find out what happens next. ARGHHHH!!!!!!! Good thing I have more books to take my mind off it, thanks to the book store gift cards I got for Christmas.

But still…ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc. etc. to everyone out there. And if you don’t celebrate any particular winter holiday, I wish you all the best in 2009. I am still so exceedingly grateful that 2008 saw two of my biggest dreams granted: signing with an agent, the exceptionally fabulous Ginger Clark, and selling my book to an equally and exceptionally fabulous publishing house/editor. I am so thrilled and excited to see what 2009 brings for my publishing career, and I hope that all my unagented and/or unpublished writing friends sign with agents and get awesome publishing deals in the year to come!

Last night and today was spent with my wonderful family and I am definitely grateful for them, although I am very sad at the thought we may not have too many more Christmases with my beloved grandparents. 😦

And now to continue watching the Top Chef marathon I tivoed, and anticipate eating some of my mother’s AWESOME Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies and milk!

Poor Baby Girl…

I had one of my flashes of intuition that I get fairly often and had the sudden irresistible feeling that the corpse found in Florida had been identified as little Caylee Anthony. I hopped onto and found out I was right and that it was Breaking News. While I am extremely happy that they found the remains which will make it easier to prosecute her murderer, I am just heart-broken that poor little Caylee’s life took such a tragic end.

Cut for philosophical maundering…

It’s Alive…

My writing, I mean. Actually wrote just over 1500 words in the Djinn YA today. Yes–I’m still inching along with that one. I am determined to finish it this week. Stop laughing at me. No, really! :P:P:P Feeling better now that my meds have cleared up most of the bronchitis, so hopefully I will actually be able to stick to it and finish this YA. I also wouldn’t mind getting my edits and/or contract soon, but not really counting on that to happen until after the holidays.

Facebook Account…

Finally remembered to set up a writing Facebook account since I don’t feel comfortable sharing my other one that I use for connecting with old friends (trying to keep a thin veil between my real-life persona and my writing one due to my real-life job). It’s under my pen name, Kasey Mackenzie, if anyone here has a FB account and wants to friend me! I definitely remember to log onto FB more than Myspace, where I have like…7 friends. One being that Tom guy, and 3 or 4 others being ppl I have no clue who they are…


Feeling more human right now…thank God for antibiotics and prescription cough syrup!

Auction for a Good Cause…

So I posted an auction for a Tuckerization in RHF, along with a signed ARC, copy of the final book, and two urban fantasy novels of the buyer’s choice in the Help Vera LJ community to help someone in the SFF community keep her home and take care of some other items. They’ve already raised the money to save her home, but the goal is to build her a little cushion and hire an attorney to help re-negotiate her mortgage. I was inspired to post this auction because my mother has lead a similar life–she has worked her butt off to get ahead and take care of her family, but Murphy’s Law follows her everywhere. If it CAN go wrong for her, it usually does. I’ve been incredibly blessed this year, and have already had one opportunity to help a family save their home. I feel very lucky to help someone else out.

If you can, go ahead and take a peek: If you can’t afford to bid on my auction or any of the others, donations of even $1 are very much appreciated. Even just spreading the word also helps. It is so wonderful to be part of such a warm community here on livejournal and know that if the bottom drops out of your world there may very well be awesome people there to help carry your load until you can shoulder it alone again.


And now, back to my being home sick and cruddy. Most likely with bronchitis. Blech!

Oh, and hoping that I don’t get humiliated by not even getting one bid on the auction…Which wouldn’t be a huge shock since I’m an unknown element at this point–one reason I threw in the offer of two urban fantasy novels of the winner’s choice! *snicker*

ETA: Oooh, got a bid already. Woot!