Feeling a LOT Better Today…

(Not filtering this to the weight-loss filter because it’s just general info AND a little about writing. But I WILL put most of the surgery-related stuff behind the cut.) Partly because I didn’t take a shower this morning (standing up for a hot shower yesterday really zapped my strength yesterday–had to lie down for 10 minutes afterwards) and partly because I didn’t have an hour-long meeting this morning. I’ve decided I’m going to have to take my showers in the evenings until I feel 100%. Oh, I saw my surgeon this morning and he removed my bandages and pronounced me fit as a fiddle so far. Since the start of the pre-op diet, I am now down 20 pounds, which feels great. That should slow down to an average of 1-2 pounds a week soon–the huge loss in two weeks was because of the clear liquids required for surgery. I go back to see him again on January 6th and just have to focus on getting healthier, walking, and eating well in the meantime.

I am feeling MUCH more human today, though tired still, and I may even be up to writing something in the next day or two. Hooray! I just haven’t had the strength, energy, or desire to write for the past couple of weeks. I guess that living on clear liquids for a couple of weeks will do that to you. 😉 It’s much better now that I’ve been able to add some other things to the menu.

My plan is to try once again to finish the YA urban fantasy over the weekend. Hahahaha, I’ve been saying that for 1-2 months now! But at least it is a 4-day weekend, so maybe I will be able to succeed this time!


3 responses to “Feeling a LOT Better Today…

  1. Oh I’m so happy you’re doing well! 20lbs is an accomplishment no matter what, you must be feeling positively light on your feet!!!
    Good luck with your novel, I’m in the planning phases for a new idea (am SO not giving up my steampunk though!) and have caught the spirit of the Nano season so am once again thrilled to be writing. But you keep yourself safe, don’t push yourself hard and stay vitamin and proteined up and keep us posted!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥