First Day Back at Work…

…post surgery and SO much harder than I thought it would be! Pain is minimal, but I am SOOO freaking weak and tired. Thank goodness it’s a three-day week!!!


6 responses to “First Day Back at Work…

  1. Oooff, glad it is a three-day week. Can you take it a bit easier than usual? I’m sure it’s exhausting recovering from an op like that. ((hugs))

  2. when I had abdominal surgery, they made me stay out five weeks. (but I went back Part time the fifth, cause I was BORED)
    Take it easy – huggs

  3. Good timing. It’s good to hear from you again!
    I know it’s hard to recover from abdominal surgery (I had a C-section.) Just know that we’re rooting for you! Eventually the pain will be gone and the benefits will be worth it.