Excellent Post by Moonrat on Publishing…

This is an excellent post by Moonrat on the state of publishing right now, and how we can all do our own little part to help out. I’m sure most of the people on my friends list don’t need the encouragement to buy books, but after such an awful October in the industry, spreading the word as much as possible can’t hurt! So please, if you have time, take a look at the post. If you have the money and opportunity, buy a book or two this weekend. And if you agree with the post, please pass it on!



I more than did my duty tonight, spending most of the money my in-laws sent me as a belated birthday gift. I bought a book for my son, a book for my babysitter’s daughter, a book for my mother (a mushy mother-daughter book…hee!), and for myself snagged: Anton Strout’s Dead to Me, Mark del Franco’s Unshapely Things, Karen Chance’s Midnight’s Daughter (I haven’t been buying very many vampire books lately, but I LOVE her other series), and Devon Monk’s Magic to the Bone. And yes, I must admit that all of these books are published by my new publishing house. I didn’t do it on purpose–I swear! They just happened to be the urban fantasy books I saw at Borders that most appealed to me. Especially since Borders was missing the first book in some of the other series I wanted to try. (Which means I’ll have to request they order the ones I need soon!)


2 responses to “Excellent Post by Moonrat on Publishing…

  1. Moonrat rocks!
    Uncanny! I had just finished blogging about Moonrat’s post when I stumbled on to AW and skipped on over here. Sighing heavily over the state of impending doom for print, and trying to believe we can save it.
    By the way, HUGE congrats on your book sale (I love reading all the great news lately on AW).

  2. I thought it was a great post and linked to it too!
    I got a bunch of books from Scholastic while I was in NYC, but they didn’t count as my editors gave them to me, so I bought a bunch more from The Strand and Books of Wonder. Doing my bit. 🙂