Marathon Weekend, Take Five…

Hmm, Smoke and Mirrors has been used as a title more than I thought (after a couple of LJ comments, I did some more googling and not only has that been used by Neil Gaiman, but also Tanya Huff and a few others I found…eek!), so I may end up re-thinking the whole title thing. That’s what I get for announcing the change so soon without really thinking it over. 😉 For now I’ll probably default back to Subtle Fire until I make a decision. Ultimately, I’ll most likely end up asking Ginger what she prefers if the “perfect” title doesn’t hit me upside the head sooner. Or, who knows, maybe Subtle Fire will stick!

That said, I’ve gotten around 3500ish words today and may try to get some more in before bed. I spent a lot of time writing today, but things weren’t coming as fast because I’m in the homestretch where all the threads are coming together and the loose ends must be tied. I definitely think I’m going to finish the rough draft this week–over next weekend if nothing else. So hooray!

Subtle Fire (Hee) Current Count:

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