Marathon Weekend, Take Two…

Got around 1300ish words tonight. Not too shabby for a late start. I’m calling it quits for tonight because we have to wake up early to take Zack to my mother’s and then Shawn has to work for a few hours. The plan is for him to drop me off at Panera so I can write like a crazy writing thing! Hopefully I will be able to pull off massive amounts of words tomorrow.

Almost 60% of the way through my estimated word count…Yay!

Subtle Fire Current Count:

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28,725 / 50,000

The sun threw off lovely glints of red, purple, and amber as Aubrie strolled hand-in-hand with Seth. She purposely shortened her steps to their smallest stride, soaking in the gorgeous sunset while breathing in the crisp autumn air, hand curled inside his and smile plastered on her face. Lord, could the day get any more perfect?

Of course, all good things came to an end, and the sunset walk was no exception. She let out a tiny sigh when they stepped onto the corner of her street. Bummer. Maybe she could trick him into walking around the block a few times before he noticed they were just going in circles. Hey, it would work on Jazz. She snickered at that thought, which had Seth cocking his head and smiling inquisitively. “Did I miss something?”

Aubrie bit her lip, then gave in to a sudden fit of daring. “I was wondering how many times I could get you to walk around my block before you figured out I was just stalling.”

His smile turned into a laugh. “I guess we’ll never know, now. Although, you do realize…”

“Oh, that’s right. You already know where I live.” She faked a scowl. “Stalker.”

Some emotion she couldn’t quite name flashed through his eyes. “Guilty as charged.” He winked, then drew her to a stop when they reached her walkway. “I’m glad you didn’t wuss out on me, Blue.” His hands tugged her to face him, then deliciously warm arms wrapped around her. “Picture perfect,” he drawled, then proceeded to take her breath away yet again.

Her lips tingled where his pressed against them, and every inch of her skin burned a good degree or two hotter. It felt like he was gobbling her right up. Do I taste as good to him as he does to me? She could have stood there being devoured all night, but the sudden loud creak of a door opening caught her attention.

“Damn. I think we have an audience, Blue.”


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