Marathon Weekend, Take One…

So, crazy me has decided to launch a marathon weekend to try and finish up the first draft of my YA UF WIP. (That enough acronyms for you? 😉 ) I did some brainstorming/worldbuilding this afternoon and had several epiphanies about Subtle Fire, which is awesome. Most of them had to do with the REAL big bad in this story, since my characters revealed to me a couple of weeks ago that the obvious suspect both the Djinn MC and I just KNEW had to be the villain actually wasn’t. I love it when they throw me for a loop like that. Hopefully it will surprise readers as much!

This completely clarified the real villain’s motivations, why and how he ended up where he ended up, and even why the former villain has done what he’s done and WHY the Free Djinn were so convinced he was a bad guy. I am absolutely loving it and can’t wait to get this draft all out on paper. Of course, at that point I know I have to go back and do a lot of polishing and layering, but now that I’ve learned so much about writing, I actually LOVE the revision stage. Ironic, because I used to hate it!

So probably another 20-30k to go on this draft…let’s see if I can actually make it to “The End!”

And as an aside…can I just say WOW, YA UF with romantic elements is selling like HOTCAKES right now. I would LOVE to do for Djinn what everyone else is doing for vamps, weres, faeries, and now fallen angels! (And can I say YAY! I love fallen angels…have a sexy fallen angel seeking redemption in one of my completed adult UF manuscripts that I hope to sell someday.)


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