Nother Quickie…Update, I Mean!…

Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter! 😉

So Friday night, after putting my wonderful baby boy to bed, I trundled off to Steak n Shake to do some writing. I did not actually get many new words done, BUT I did a tremendous amount of plotting which is very exciting because I am a hybrid of a pantzer and plotter. I do some basic world-building and characterization in the beginning, then start writing relatively blindly, and then once I get a feel for things I start sketching out scenes a few at a time as I write. I generally have either a very specific or vague ending in mind, and alternate write a few scenes/outline a few/write a few more/outline a few more, until I actually reach the ending. I was at the last scene I currently had outlined on Friday, which is why it was so exciting to get about 10 more outlined.

Of course, I was then busy working Saturday, and then vegging out due to not feeling well yesterday, to make good use of that plotting. But keeping my hopes high for tonight if I can fight off this not feeling well crap!

And um, I’ll try to do some more interesting, substantive posts soon. Really!


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