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Nother Quickie…Update, I Mean!…

Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter! 😉

So Friday night, after putting my wonderful baby boy to bed, I trundled off to Steak n Shake to do some writing. I did not actually get many new words done, BUT I did a tremendous amount of plotting which is very exciting because I am a hybrid of a pantzer and plotter. I do some basic world-building and characterization in the beginning, then start writing relatively blindly, and then once I get a feel for things I start sketching out scenes a few at a time as I write. I generally have either a very specific or vague ending in mind, and alternate write a few scenes/outline a few/write a few more/outline a few more, until I actually reach the ending. I was at the last scene I currently had outlined on Friday, which is why it was so exciting to get about 10 more outlined.

Of course, I was then busy working Saturday, and then vegging out due to not feeling well yesterday, to make good use of that plotting. But keeping my hopes high for tonight if I can fight off this not feeling well crap!

And um, I’ll try to do some more interesting, substantive posts soon. Really!

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Quickie Update…

Managed to get some words done tonight, which felt nice. The YA Djinn UF is coming along QUITE nicely, and a big huge puzzle piece chock full of conflict floated to the surface and should carry me through the next few chapters nicely. Woot!

Subtle Fire Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,250 / 50,000

In other news, still doing my best to wait patiently for next month–and Red Hot Fury going out into the big, wide world of submission!

Off to New England…

So we’re off to visit friends and family (and play tourists!) in Boston, Maine, and possibly New Hampshire. We’re working until 3 and then flying out early this evening. I do not anticipate getting many if any lj posts in but who knows??? 😉 Val: Not sure on our NH schedule yet, but if you email me at kasey mack (no spaces) at gmail dot com I will give you my cell phone number and I can let you know for sure once we figure it out. =)

Hoping to get some writing in this week!