Subtle Fire – Rolling Right Along…

So I actually got in just over a thousand words tonight, no mean feat considering i didn’t really get much of any in the prior 3-4 days before that. Not for lack of trying! Well, okay, Friday night I didn’t try–I was too busy having fun with (aka Tor’s own Anna Genoese) and her friend Annie at “80’s Pop Queen” Tiffany’s show, held at a club out at Ameristar Casino in St. Charles. She went on two hours late and only did a 20-minute set, but I had a ton of fun hanging out with Anna and Annie, and yes, the teenager in me enjoyed seeing her perform some of the songs I loved way back when. And dude, I totally need a title like “80’s Pop Queen” Tiffany, which is how they referred to her in all the billing for the show. You may all now refer to me as “Y2K Publishing Goddess Kasey Mackenzie”!

Hahaha, kidding! (Or am I?!?)

Coincidentally enough, I started re-reading my favorite series of books that Anna edited while in charge of Tor’s Paranormal Romance line the night before we saw Tiffany–and no, I had no clue that I would be meeting Anna the next day, so it wasn’t an attempt to suck up! 😉 The series in question is Elizabeth Vaughan’s Warprize trilogy, and I LURVE it with many hearts and flowers! I have actually only read (and now re-read) the first two books, but earlier tonight I ran by Borders to pick up Book Three (Warlord), so I can finally finish off the trilogy. I really love Elizabeth Vaughan’s world-building and characters (even if she DID kill off one of my faves in Book Two) and I can’t wait to finish this off.

Subtle Fire Current Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,218 / 50,000

So close to 25% done it’s not even funny…I COULD write a few more words and make it over that bump, but Warlord is calling my name!

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I Am Writer, Hear Me Rawr!…

Just a very quick word update because I am all proud and stuff. Managed a total of 2112 words tonight, and the story is flowing well. And this after a rocky start!

Subtle Fire Current Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,137 / 50,000

Woot! Now tired! Sleepy! Bedtime!

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‘Nother Quickie Update…Oh and Look! New Iconage! ;)…

So I felt too crappy the past two nights to write (I tried, oh how I tried, but was unsuccessful); however, I rather easily managed 1122 words tonight, so yay! I also finally remembered to hunt down more icons the other day, so yay for pretties. Someday I will be ambitious enough to try making some of my own. But alas, not today!

Subtle Fire Current Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
9,024 / 50,000

Wow, almost 20% of the way through my (very roughly) estimated total count. Woot! =)

Quickie Update…

Only managed to eke out around 1,000 words today, but that was mostly because the scene I’m working on was pitching me fits! I finally got that issue smoothed over, and hope to keep up the progress this week. On the plus side, this IS a YA, so 1,000 words is a bigger chunk of the pie than when I’m writing adult. *grin* I always try to look on the bright side of life! 😉

Subtle Fire Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,000 / 50,000

Writing, Writing, Writing…

Dropped baby boy off with my mother yesterday, spent sometime with husband, and then went out to a nearby place that has free wireless to write. Took me a bit to settle back into the Djinn YA, but eventually I eked out over 2k words and am really liking what I have. It’s getting easier to bounce back and forth from the first person present POV of Jazz, my djinn MC, and the third person past POV of Aubrey, my mortal MC. Conflict is amping up and I am discovering new things about the characters, which is always nice! Also discovered that Aubrey is NOT going to come off as an overly-perfect character, which was a small fear of mine at first, so that is good. I can’t stand “perfect” Mary Sue type characters!

Updated word count for Subtle Fire:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,000 / 50,000

Mmm, just finished some yummy homemade cobbler I made, fresh out of the oven with vanilla ice cream, and now I am settling in for some word wars. Woot!

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