A Post for Posting’s Sake…

…because I do not want to fall out of the habit of regular posting! Or at least semi-regular posting…At any rate, I am kicking butt on the revisions. I devoted about 8-10 hours on Sunday to revisions, and poked at them some Monday and Tuesday night. Not much last night, admittedly. I think that spending so many hours on Sunday not to mention working all day Monday and Tuesday, and the migraine I’ve been fighting off for the past week, got to me, so last night I didn’t really accomplish much writing-wise. But I did open the revisions file and try! =)

I’d say I’m about 1/2-2/3 of the way through the revisions, depending on how many new scenes I end up adding. There are three important scenes that I need to majorly re-work, one of which is a fight scene that’s being down-graded to a non fight scene. Then the major fight scene related thing in that scene is moving to one of the other scenes I mentioned, and the third scene requiring a major re-working is the concluding fight scene at the end. And what is moving from the soon-to-NOT-be a fight scene to the other fight scene (have I confused you all thoroughly yet? Hee!) is vital foreshadowing required for THAT ending fight scene, so pretty important in the grand scheme of things. Ginger had recommended that I cut out at least one fight scene, so this is my attempt to succeed at that request without losing anything vital to the plot.

Of course, once I finish with all the new scenes and existing scene re-workings, I am hoping to be able to read through and find another fight scene to cut out, so as to exceed her minimum expectation, but we’ll see. Not making any promises! 😉

And I’d just like to take a moment to thank all the people on my flist who use lj cuts when posting a ton of pictures. I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU!!! Seriously. I don’t mind 1 or 2 pics without a cut, maybe even 3…but when ppl post like 10-20 pics without a cut it makes me twitch!!!

Okay…off to lunch now! Hoping to do some more revising tonight, but depends on the trying-to-turn-into-a-full-blown-migraine headache that I have going on…


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