The revisions are actually going swimmingly. I am now up to page 230ish out of 272 hard copy pages and am zooming along toward the ending. I’ve made a ton of notes as I’ve gone along, along with a few prose tweaks, and I am excited to get to the point where I can start implementing the actual edits. I need to add a few new scenes and re-work several existing scenes, but I wanted to wait until I had done a full re-read of the manuscript since it’s been three months since I’ve read the entire thing.

Hee…I actually turned to my husband this morning and said, “Is it a bad thing that I’m reading this and thinking, ‘It’s even better than I remembered?’ to myself?” Of course I qualified that I saw all the places where it could be improved, but I definitely believe this is the absolute best book I’ve written so far. Now, here’s hoping we can sell it once the revisions are finished!

Planning to spend some time at Panera this weekend in order to get through most if not all of the revisions. Woot!


2 responses to “Revisions…

  1. See, I worry a little when I read it and it all comes together and I think it’s better than I remember, but then I realize this is what I worked for and I better get an inkling that it’s better or I’m way off base!
    Panera makes everything better… I am currently addicted to the Asiago Roast Beef sans onions.

    • LOL…Well I tend to angst more during the period BEFORE I re-read it, wherein I become convinced that the book sucks and I suck and how do I think I’m ever going to pull this off??? But then I re-read it and realize, hey, this isn’t so bad after all…Sure, it can use improvement, but most things can!
      Tho I have to say that this time around, I am feeling much prouder than usual…which means that either this book IS the best I’ve written, or it really sucks and I’m too close to see that! 😉
      And hooray Panera! I love their chicken rice soup and their baked potato soup. Not to mention a couple of the sammiches and most especially the cookies and muffins…Evil things!