Yet More Progress…

Are you shocked? I am! Kidding! So I managed around 600ish words tonight; not too shabby considering I cooked supper and my feet are killing me, not to mention my allergies! At any rate, the story seems to be humming along nicely so far.

Subtle Fire Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,430 / 45,000

Oh! I got the nicest email from the new agent at JABberwocky Literary Agency today. He read my partial that I sent to Steve Mancino back in March and told me that he really liked what he had read and had been about to request the full when he checked my website and noticed that I’d been offered representation. He wished me success and said he’d keep an eye out for my book on the shelves. What a nice pick-me-up, especially as I do my best to wait patiently to reach the submission process. I emailed him back to thank him and let him know that I had emailed Steve Mancino to let him know about my other agent offer, but that I never heard back. Just so he doesn’t think I was flaky. That’s one reason I contacted all the agents with fulls AND partials, because I didn’t want anyone to end up wasting time reading something only to find out it wasn’t available later.

That email was a definite pick-me-up!


8 responses to “Yet More Progress…

  1. Yay for pick-me-ups! 🙂
    I took a look and remembered why this agency is no good for me – they don’t take email queries. It’s a shame when agencies disqualify many non-US writers by deciding to deal only in hard copy.

    • Hooray!
      Ahhh, that’s a shame indeed. It’d be nice if all agencies would accept e-queries from international writers, at least…

  2. Yay for progress!
    And there’s a chance I’ll be subbing to the new agent (debating between the new one and the old one…waiting to see how the new WIP turns out) there so it’s good to know that there’s a chance he may be nice.

  3. New agent there. Interesting. Steve’s had my partial since JANUARY. I knew he was busy, and then there was the leaving… No one responded to my partial, but I guess I won’t mark it as a non-responder just yet. If Steve wasn’t a friend, I’d have withdrawn the sucker when he didn’t answer my emails. *shakes fist* (This is what I get for making friends with agents. It’s like a disease. *eyeroll*)

    • Silly agent-befriender!!! 😉 Kidding!
      Yeah, I had completely written this one off, which was one reason it was such a pleasant surprise.