Quickie Update…

I spent a couple of hours last night brainstorming and plotting on Subtle Fire. I realized one of the reasons I’ve been having so much trouble really getting into that story is that I didn’t have the characters, conflict, and plot fleshed out enough for me to be able to really get going. I’m sort of a hybrid between a pantzer and a plotter, and every story works differently for me. I pantzed my way most of the way through Red Hot Fury, but other stories don’t come quite that easily for me. This would be one of them!

So I really mapped out a lot of the driving conflicts between the two main characters and some of the secondary characters. I plan to map out some more tonight. I worked out a bit more of the basic story/plotline. I’m also debating whether the opening needs to be re-worked, and think that I will do a thumbnail sketch for the first few scenes. Sometimes I have to do that.

Hoping to start getting some major word count done soon!


2 responses to “Quickie Update…

  1. Lol I’m the exact same way. I hate plotting and if I write a full synopsis the story dies for me, but I can’t get started unless I have a good strong idea of what the ending will be and some ideas for how to get there–I have a few major “setpiece” scenes and the rest fills itself in.

    • Sounds just like me. I’ve tried to plot things out more in-depth and it never works for me. Worst-case scenario I freeze up and can’t write at all. Best-case scenario I diverge wildly from the synopsis and it ends up useless! =)